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Our new easyWeb connect package is the perfect way to launch your presence on the worldwide web if you have a limited budget to spend.

Whilst easyWeb connect is an entry level package and costs less than our other easyWeb site options, it still offers all you'll need for a functional website that you can easily manage yourself.

If a simple site is all you need or you have a limited budget to begin with, then easyWeb connect is great value.

easyWeb connect is perfect for both established businesses and for start-ups because after launch, it is easy and relatively inexpensive for us to add new features and capabilities to your easyWeb connectpackage as and when you see fit or when funds allow.

But right from day one you will be in control of your site with easyWeb connect. You will be able to upload copy and photos and edit and create new pages whenever you want to.

Contact us now for more details and see how easy and cheap it is to connect to the web with easyWebconnect...