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You can't have a website unless you have web hosting...

A web hosting service provides a physical location where your website is stored on a series of computers (servers). These servers are permanently connected to the internet via a high speed link.

Put simply, when a visitor connects to your website domain (your website address), their computer connects to the hosting server which then sends your web pages back to the visitor's computer for display.

It is the same hosting server that delivers the emails sent to you and delivers the emails that you send to others.

We offer site hosting as follows:

One annual payment in advance (including a 25% discount)
Cost: £135 per year
VAT (at 20%) per year: £27.00
Total annual cost (inc. VAT): £162.00
Annual saving if you pay for your hosting in one instalment is £54.00 (inc. VAT) 

Half yearly in advance
Six months payment in advance (including a 10% discount)
Cost: £81 per half year
VAT (at 20%) per half year: £16.20
Cost (inc. VAT) per half year: £97.20
Total annual cost (inc. VAT) paying in two instalments is £194.40
Annual saving if you pay for your hosting in two instalments is £21.60 (inc. VAT) 

Quarterly in advance (no discount applicable)
Cost: £45 per quarter
VAT (at 20%) per quarter: £9.00
Cost (inc. VAT): £54.00
Total annual cost (inc. VAT): £216.00
No annual saving if you pay your hosting quarterly!

When we build your website we always prefer it if we host your site.

Using our hosting services will give you unlimited bandwidth (the capacity to carry information from servers to computers and vice versa), enabling your website to run fast, which will make you popular with visitors to your site!

You need to check with other potential site hosts that they can genuinely support our up-to-date website coding and databases (called php4+ and MySQL for the tecchies amongst you!). Many hosting services just don't!


Cheaper web hosting packages are often very restrictive and penalise you for using more than your very limited monthly bandwidth allowances. The extra charges are usually expensive. They can seldom supply Linux secure servers or proper amounts of MySQL memory. 

Also our hosting is optimised so that it is best-suited to easyWeb.

It is difficult for us to work on your website if it is stored on other servers because of password and security issues and because the hosting providers will refuse us access anyway!

From time to time your site may 'crash' - put simply it will cease to function and look like it has vanished into thin air!

There are many reasons for this and when it happens occasionally, it is simpler to restore the site rather than try to find out why it suddenly didn't work or who or what caused the failure!

Repeated failures of course need investigation but these are rare.


If you are hosting with another supplier and your site 'goes down', it will probably not be restored quickly or it may be a case of "when we can get around to fixing it".

You are unlikely to get much help outside normal business hours, on evenings, weekends or on bank holidays. Hosting with us means delays are kept to absolute minimum.

We also regularly check our server because we are using it ourselves all the time.

If your site is hosted outside of the UK and there's a problem, you will have the nightmare of time differences to contend with and expensive call charges to overseas locations such as the USA, where the majority of hosting servers are located, particularly for those offering a cheap hosting service!

Most hosting companies will charge to restore your site - assuming they have a back-up copy in the first place.

Even if they are backing up your site it will probably be a every week.

If you are hosting with us and your site 'falls over', we will restore it free of charge and usually very quickly except when we, like you, are tucked up in bed!


When you make alterations to your site, there is always the possibility that you will delete bits of the site that didn't want to, or you may decide you don't like the changes you have made after all!

But don't worry! If this happens, we can restore your site using the previous week's back-up providing you request this immediately. We will make a small charge for this if we cannot restore the site in a few minutes.

We do not charge for this weekly back-up even though most other hosting companies - sometimes as much as  £25 for this regular back-up on top of your monthly hosting fee.

Hosting with us could save you as much as £75 per month if anything goes wrong.

There are lots of other reasons for hosting with us. We can build and develop your site more easily, we can upload it free of charge to our servers (for other servers we have to make a charge because it is often a long and more complicated process).

And our servers are UK based - in fact they are so close to our own premises that we can pop up the road and sort out problems although we usually resolve issues remotely. 

Finally, the Google search engines "like" our servers so your site will always score well in Google rankings and therefore new customers or visitors to your website will find your site more easily than they will with some hosting companies.

So if you are looking at a cheaper hosting options, make sure there is a no limit on your bandwidth usage and that a back-up is included, otherwise it could cost you a lot more money, time, effort, resource and even lost profits!

Or just pay a little bit extra and get complete peace of mind with us!