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take complete control of your website
easyWeb really is as simple as using a mouse!

You can control, edit and update your easyWeb website without the need to know how to programme, use mark-up language or website code.

With easyWeb you are always in control - anyone can easily update, edit and delete copy and photos and create new sections/pages.

Lots of editors
You can have Single or Multiple Editors/Sub-Editors - all with personal password protection - so that you can share the task of keeping your website up to date.

Different people can be permitted to carry out different tasks - and only those tasks.

So the more people that contribute then the less there is to do!

A Main Editor can oversee and maintain editorial control, being automatically alerted when an item has been uploaded by other Editors and is awaiting approval to appear.

The Main Editor then reject the story, amend it or approve publication.

Save money
easyWeb will save you money - once you have paid foreasyWeb, the site is yours.

Many web companies charge ongoing annual licence fees, copyright fees or so-called 'maintenance fees' - once you buy an easyWeb site there is nothing more to pay unless you come back to extend your website by choosing more of the options available.

easyWeb will save you money when you make changes to your easyWeb site because you are not at the mercy of web technicians and designers who will charge you what they want to implement changes and take as long as they like to do it!

Built into easyWeb is a simple procedure that enables you to ensure your site appears high up search engine rankings (what's called Search Engine Optimisation).

It means you won't have to pay people to do this work because you can do it yourself!

You can also do the Site Configuration which helps people find your website more easily so that visitors come to you club or organisation's website rather than going to your competitors.

Finally, if you are worried that you might 'mess up' your website when updating it, then don't be!

If you make a mistake you can easily go back intoeasyWeb and remedy the error just like you would if you were working on any document on your computer.

And our free weekly back-up means that even if you were to accidentally delete a major part of your website, then there is a back-up which can be easily activated for you to start again!